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The Spiky Love

The Spiky Love

Passion, bravery, and love are some of the most intense emotions we feel in a relationship. These are the joyful feelings that bond us together in a relationship. On the other hand, we also often experience fear, anger, and certain amount of hatred. These are the negative feelings that can potentially tear us apart in a relationship.


We all have some spikes on ourselves, and we often hurt each other with them without realizing it. Whenever we have a heated disagreement, our words are just like the spikes piercing through others' hearts. Worst of all , we sometimes leave the wound unattended.


Let us remember the joyful feelings that we have toward each other, and let us allow the negative feelings to bond us even stronger rather than break us faster.


    This is an ORIGINAL shadow box art by Eve Lin. This artwork is created with multiple layers of card stock and foram board. The visuals were structured and painted on different color of card stocks. The paintings were then carefully cut and glue to foram boards to create the multilayer effects. The vibrant hues create a beautiful and inviting art piece for any space.


    The orginal art piece comes with a birch veneer shadow box, and it is ready for immediate display upon arrival.


    A certificate of authenticity will be issued and signed by the artist, Eve Lin.



    • Artwork Dimension: 9" x 9"
    • Shadow Box Dimension: 14.5" x 14.5" x 1.25"


    Material & Media:

    • Heavy cardstock
    • Foramboard
    • Ink

    All sales are final. No return or exchange will be accepted.

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