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Eve was a born and raised in Taiwan to a furniture carpenter who specialized in designing and producing traditional Chinese furnitures. Eve often thanks his father for giving her the artistic touch.

At very early age, Eve already started to demonstrate her artistic talent by regularly participating and winning several regional and national fine art contests. 


With flying color on her admission test score, Eve was accepted by Taiwan's top fine art academy, Fu-Hsin Arts and Trade School. She spent 3 years in the academy to study painting and drawing, and she mastered watercoloring, sketching, and acrylic painting. Eve won 2nd place in national watercoloring contest twice during her junior and senior year in the academy.


However, Eve didn't pursue her career path as a full-time artist after graduating from the academy, although she did continue to paint and draw from time to time. She worked as office assistant in a Chinese antique shop, shoes designer for a shoes manufacturer, and then bridal makeup artist on freelance basis.

In late 2000's, Eve married her middle school friend and moved to Los Angeles and later Boston. She now resides in Framingham, Massachusetts with her husband and two lovely children. As her kids are both in school full-time, Eve can finally concentrate on making arts again. She now spends most of her time making art and teaching younger children painting concepts and techniques.

Eve finds her creative inspiration from places she visited, the interactions she had with people, and the naiveness from her children. She then transforms and visualizes her feelings and thoughts onto her artworks through different techniques.


Because of her inspiration sources, Eve's artworks typically portray brightness and happiness. She wishes that her artworks can remind people the cheerful moments they have in life.

"Life is full of ups and downs. We often, unconsciously or consciously, let the obstacles over shadow some of the greatest things in our life. I wish that my artworks can remind all of us the joyful moments we have in life."

Meet the Artist, Eve Lin

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