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The Simple Life

The Simple Life

How many of us put up an invisible mask before getting out of our house or apartment? A mask that makes us blend into the crowd. A mask that hides our true self from everyone else… only for the purpose to be accepted by others.


Jellyfish does not do that. Jellyfish simplifies its life by letting go of the things that do not contribute to its growth. It goes with the flow and trust the process of life. It is sensitive to the change of the surrounding, yet it allows those around itself to see what it really is by shining from within. Don’t we all wish that we can just trust our heart and go with the flow without putting up that invisible mask? Don’t we all wish, at least for a few minutes, that we can just be like a jellyfish?


    This is an ORIGINAL shadow box art by Eve Lin. This artwork is created with multiple layers of card stock and foram board. The visuals were structured and painted on different color of card stocks. The paintings were then carefully cut and glue to foram boards to create the multilayer effects. The vibrant hues create a beautiful and inviting art piece for any space.


    The orginal art piece comes with a black shadow box, and it is ready for immediate display upon arrival.


    A certificate of authenticity will be issued and signed by the artist, Eve Lin.



    • Artwork Dimension:11" x 8.25"
    • Shadow Box Dimension: 17" x 14" x 1.5"


    Material & Media:

    • Heavy cardstock
    • Foramboard
    • Ink

    All sales are final. No return or exchange will be accepted.

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